Happy Friday, and February! This week has been a full one, with much success accomplishing a pretty big to-do list.  Also – happy to report that I lost 10 pounds in the month of January… despite the one evening off for Twelve.  James has lost 12.  So proud of us both!  February is the last full month we will have to dedicate to getting back to our healthy weight ranges.  More than likely our goals will be reached the first or second week of March.

I can’t believe it’s February… which means it’s officially birthday month! 😀  I love my birthday, but still haven’t decided exactly what I will be doing.  I will be in Birmingham the weekend before, and looks like a bunch of friends will be gathering at Avondale Park for a duel birthday party for me and Sherri Ross.  I will be doing a post later today on Twitter and Facebook about it if any friends would like to join.  Just bring yourself and fun!  Little ones welcome.  On my birthday weekend I will be going to Columbus to see my niece, Anna, whose birthday is also that week!  Then on my actual birthday, February 17th, I will spend the day with my bb in Atlanta.  Maybe we will explore the city on our bikes in order to burn enough calories to eat a nice dinner somewhere.  🙂  That would be my perfect day!

Times change fast.  Last night I got to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine, Misty, who is moving away to start a new life with her husband in South Carolina.  It made me think about all of the memories we’ve shared together, and how just a few years can be so impactful on your life.  In many ways Misty has been a mentor, having a distinct intuition and insight on career and personal matters which she has always been kind enough to share with me.  More than anything else though, she has always been a great friend when I’ve needed one most.  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in her life brings, and I also can’t wait to visit her to build new memories.

Today I feel so very grateful for the many things I have to look forward to.  Especially the surprises.  I feel alive, empowered, healthy and loved.  Maybe it’s because the sun is shining or maybe because it’s Friday… no matter the reason I am so very happy in this life.