There are so many exciting things happening right now, it’s hard to sit still… or even fall asleep at night.  Through time I have figured out that I thrive on waves of activity, especially goals that fall within a few months range.  As I do more and more film work, I realize it is the essence of everything I feel passion for.  Process, creativity, ideas, goal setting, marketing, collaboration and end product.  I love every single second of it.

As we get close to finishing up with Crush, Rebecca and I have each decided to move forward with our own independent short film projects (with features on the horizon).  I am so excited to see what she does next… I got the honor of hearing some of her ideas in Oxford and they are truly up her alley.  I am proceeding with my three short stories idea, then in the coming weeks letting YOU decide which one I am going to make.  I’ve got an amazing team in place with the goal of shooting in mid April.  After our first production meeting early next week, I will reveal more of our plans.  I can say this – all the stories involve an element of magic and fantasy.  Whichever one is chosen should be a really beautiful and emotional piece.

One more note before I wrap up the film speak… we had such an amazing time at the Oxford Film Festival!!  Seriously one of the best festival experiences we’ve had on this circuit.  So many of the filmmakers attended, the staff was on top of it all, the programming was fantastic and the parties/networking priceless.  Plus, Oxford is a fun little town bursting with artists of all kinds and delicious dining options.  If you love film festivals, definitely mark your calendar to attend next year.

Whether you are an artist or any other kind of adventurous soul, ongoing education is a huge part of developing your passions.  We never stop learning.  I’m never going to be at a place where I know everything about a specific subject or pastime.  I’m also constantly learning about myself while going from project to project.  I observe how I react to different situations and people, always trying to modify for the best results.  Above all though, I have found that if your intentions are good and your actions sincere, good karma is always around the corner.  I will take as much of that as I can get.

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