Birmingham is a wonderful place.  It might be hard to tell from the outside, but this city is full of dreamers and doers.  On any given day my feeds are full of people being proactive in their areas of passion, and it is contagious.  No wonder we have had so many greats rise up to even bigger recognition beyond our city parameters.  Here, if you can dream it… you can do it.  And you will have many genuine supporters and cheerleaders along the way.  That’s a proven fact.

What does it mean to realize a dream? Is it the recognition that comes along with accomplishment, or is it the satisfaction of seeing your hard work in a pretty little package?  What if you did something significant, but you were only one allowed to experience it?  Would it lose it’s importance?  I ask myself these questions when I start to think I get some sort of self validation based on things I’ve done in the past.  What if people hated something that I created… would it impact how I felt about it?  I would like to think not.  But it probably would.  I think it’s because a lot of the things I do or create are meant to be shared and enjoyed by others.  They are meant to have a specific reaction in order to be a success.  I think when you are living in a creative world, it is very important to be your biggest fan… because everyone else is beyond control.  Make things for yourself, do it for your own happiness, remember the purpose and keep your own fire alive.  This goes back to a certain degree of self-reliance, being less dependent on others.  It’s amazing to give and receive love, compassion, support and attention… it is what makes the world go ’round.  Just remember though that your inner voice and spirit are given the most encouragement and comfort from what you believe about yourself.