So much to report this Monday! 

First things first – Crush has a mini website!  Also, James and I have launched a blog to keep you guys up-to-date on our upcoming short film – check it out here.  In just a few weeks we will be launching an interactive fundraising campaign that I think will be a lot of fun.  More very soon on all of that after our first production meeting tomorrow night.

We had our third Twelve yesterday in Atlanta, this time all vegetarian.  They just keep getting better and more delicious!  We will be posting photos and recipes tomorrow on Pinterest, so stay tuned.  We will also be announcing our upcoming Twelve in Nashville in the next few days.  If you are interested in attending, just sign up via the website.  

Vero came up to Atlanta with me, which was a real treat.  We went running every morning together, both days in light snow.  I was very proud of myself for A. getting up early to exercise, and B. braving the below freezing temps.  The second morning I came really close to bailing, but I powered through!  My knee has been giving me trouble lately… but only after I go certain distances.  4-6 miles seems to be high range before it starts to get aggravated.  In all honestly though, I am happy to just do that.  That is long enough to feel like I’ve done a solid run.  I can also keep challenging myself with various terrains and time goals. 

This week I am going to focus intensely on personal projects.  I want to pour energy in creating and checking things off the master list.  I am feeling energized and inspired… might as well take full advantage.