My nieces have changed my world.  I don’t think I quite appreciated the innocence and spirit of a child until they came around.  I always said that I felt like I had had enough of babies and kids growing up as the oldest child of four.  I remember changing diapers and carrying them around on my hip at a very young age.  I was babysitting by age 10 or so and was thoroughly trained in the responsibilities of looking after another human being.  But now I feel like it is a much different experience being around little ones.  Last night Lily kept asking me to play with her in the sweetest little voice, and just having me by her side made her whole world.  When mom put her down to sleep, we could hear her on the baby monitor saying… “I love you, I love you, Goodnight Mimi! Sweet Dreams Mimi! Goodnight! I love you!”  After about ten minutes of this heartbreaking chatter, mom let me go and bring her back upstairs.  The whole way back I told her how special she was and how much we loved her.  She can now understand most of what we say, and it is the sweetest thing to see a child comprehend that they are completely adored.  My other two nieces Anna and Lucy are in Disney World right now enjoying all things magical and fun.  Keep the pictures coming Christy!

This weekend is the one year anniversary from the first day I met James.  I still remember it like it was yesterday – this really nice, energetic, passionate soul sat down next to me at a group dinner at Rojo.  We exchanged Instagram handles.. and the rest is history! hahaha I did get to spend a little more time with him that weekend before he continued on his documentary adventure around the south.  After he left we talked every single day until he returned home to Atlanta about a month later, where we then had our first official date.  Sometimes I think time flies by… but when I think about all that we have done in the last 365 days I realize we have taken advantage of every single moment.  We already have so many memories.  Thanks James for coming into my life and making it shine.

Speaking of us, as most of you know we are taking on a short film project together in the coming months!  You can follow our blog here, or stay tuned to news on our Four x Facebook page.  We are launching some pretty exciting things next week that I hope you all will want to be a part of.  Most of all, I can’t wait to share the three short stories I have been working on!


Princess Anna in Disney World


Mimi and the Bean