Last night was the inaugural Birmingham Girl’s Club meeting, headed up by Sherri Ross Walters!  I was expecting awesomeness, but what I experienced was far, far beyond that.  A little over 30 of us showed up, eager to see what this group would be all about.  We went around the table and gave a brief snapshot of ourselves and individual projects.   The coolest thing about the gathering was that nobody was cooler or more important than the next… everyone felt invited and respected.  All ages were represented as well.  All that was required was an open mind and passionate spirit.  There isn’t a full-on agenda yet for the group, but Sherri is well on her way to finding how we can all help each other.  We actually spent part of the meeting writing down ideas about just that – how to make this group effective and meaningful for all involved.  If you are a lady in the ‘ham, you must keep up with this group.  It will definitely inspire you to follow your dreams while having a group of cheerleaders constantly by your side!  Every city should have a resource like this one.

This weekend is going to be a busy one.  I am heading to Atlanta tonight to see Mr. James… been close to two weeks since I’ve seen his face!  Tomorrow we will attend the first ever Yard 54 brunch, then we go straight to Nashville for Twelve on Sunday.  James and I are also going to spend quite a bit of time working on preproduction for our upcoming short film to be shot in mid-April.  Next week holds some big decisions (we will finally know our story!) and meetings that we need to prepare for.  Also, during our artistic team meeting this past Thursday we came up with some great ideas that need to be modified within the scripts themselves.  Soon on the docket will be storyboarding, shot lists and production schedules.   It’s all a fun process, so we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.   Thanks to everyone who has shown us support so far.

There are some other big things on the horizon that I am hopeful to share over the next few weeks.  Please send good energy and thoughts as you can spare them my way.  As my friend Misty Herron would say, I feel like a duck… calm on the surface but paddling like hell underneath.  🙂

Inaugural Birmingham Girl's Club Meeting

Inaugural Birmingham Girl’s Club Meeting

The founder of Birmingham Girls Club, Sherri, with the brand new logo!

The founder of Birmingham Girls Club, Sherri, with the brand new logo!