This is the week!  I look forward to moving mountains to make this film happen in the best way possible.  Our shoot is Sunday and Monday (April 14 & 15), and Saturday is on-location prep and rehearsals.  Tonight we will be combing through the schedule with a fine tooth comb and trying to wrap up any last minute details.  We’ve already done a significant amount of work without even rolling camera yet, so major props to everyone who has been busting it for this project.  I think it is going to make all of us proud!

The deeper we got into the shooting schedule, the more we realized that this is going to be a “vampire film”…in the sense that about 80% of our script takes place at night.  So instead of 5 a.m. call times (per usual), we will be starting later in the day and going into the wee hours of the morning.  I’m sure there will be plenty of adrenaline pumping through our veins to get us through it, and I am really glad that it’s only a two-day shoot for this reason alone.  My main concern with any shoot is running on schedule… nothing is scarier than seeing the clock tick by when you have limited resources and energy.  James and Chris have worked really hard to ensure success on this level, so I’m super grateful to them for their planning efforts!  The main things to remember are to stay flexible, alert and dedicated.  With the team we have assembled, I have zero worries in any of those departments.

Every Drop Event - coworkers

Every Drop Event – coworkers

James is ready for spring. :)

James is ready for spring. 🙂

Muse - free concert in ATL at the final four!

Muse – free concert in ATL at the final four!

Found this little guy over the weekend.

Found this little guy over the weekend.