Have you ever noticed that life is a constant state of “in-process”?  Rarely is there never anything to do, focus on or think about.  I catch myself thinking sometimes that if I get to this point, or once I am finished with that project, then I will be satisfied.  Then I can relax and enjoy what I’ve done for a little while. Which is both wonderful and frustrating at the same time.  Wonderful in the sense that I am always driven to create and expand my experiences, frustrating that sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses.  Some of the biggest gifts that I could ever want are right in front of me right now.  The biggest mistake most of us make is comparing ourselves to others, when that is impossible to do… because we will never be anyone but ourselves.  We think we should have X, Y & Z by this date or age, or we’ve failed on some level.  I like to think that in my own life I’ve already redefined some of my own preconceived notions of success and happiness.  I still battle the deeply ingrained timeline that we all carry with us… but when I stop what I am doing and ask myself – am I happy in this very moment?  The answer is a resounding YES.  And that makes me very proud, because I’ve had to make hard choices at times to get to this point.  We create our own lives.  We are responsible for our perceptions, responses and feelings.  Not your parents, not your significant other, not your kids.  I have certainly made bad decisions before, and I am sure there are still more in my future.  But the more care and attention I pay to my own life, the more positive karma comes my way.  I really believe that this life we are all living is based on what we put into it, how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves.  Do good, and good will be returned to you.