I can’t explain this wonderful mood I’m in this morning… maybe because I’ve gotten to spend the last few days with my sister Christy and her little girls (with the announcement of the third on the way!!), maybe it’s the perfect temps outside, or the impending holiday weekend. What ever the reasons may be, I’ll take them.

I’ve been doing a lot of planning this week for how Bubble will unfold in the next few months.  I met with our composer, Ted Speaker, on Tuesday and we talked about the many ideas he has planned.  He never ceases to surprise me with his insight and direction.  I’m excited to hear what he does for us.  Like most people on this project, he is an active filmmaker himself, so looks like he will finish up his work in July along with Jim, our special effects guru and art director.  Hopefully Bubble will have an active festival year once it is out in the world!  This time around I want to try to attend as many festivals as we can.  The most rewarding part of the whole process is always watching your film with other people, especially for the first time.

I am also doing really well with my writing.  By this Sunday my goal is to hit page 20 of my feature-length script! Once I am finished with edits and revisions, I want to start submitting it to some select script competitions to see how it does.   All I know is I am much, much better screenplay writer than I am an author.  😀  I’m really glad I changed my direction.  It’s all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  Weaknesses can be overcome with time, but it has to be something you are passionate enough about.

I have been getting back into running with great joy.  I was reminded of a quote yesterday that I really love: A body in motion stays in motion.  It’s so true.  I was really slacking there for a while, and the less I ran, the less I wanted to run.  But once I got back out there and broke the seal again, it easily became something I wanted to do as often as possible.   I love feeling good, and running only boosts my overall optimism and energy.