Last night we got to see another cut of Bubble, this time with some special effects markers from Jim Roberson! We still have a bit of a process left, but our anticipated finish goal of mid-July is definitely a reality.  In the meantime, we will be sending some rough cuts to a few select fests and keeping them updated as we make progress.  Next week our goal is to have a rough cut with enough of the visual effects to understand our direction and intent.  I have a feeling though that once the music is placed in by mid-July, it is going to be a game changer. Right now Bubble still mostly exists in our heads, but it is all unfolding at a great pace.

While working on my feature script this week, I killed a character that I really, really loved. It was a strange experience… and I found myself trying to rationalize keeping the character alive, if even for a little bit longer.  But it was necessary, and as I did it I mourned for the loss.  It’s probably a good sign to feel so attached.  My progress and pace for writing this script has surprised even me, honestly. I’m over a third of the way into it with a clear direction of where I want to go. This feels much different from my attempts to write it as a novel, which I think is a positive indicator of a good decision to ditch that effort. Once I’m finished with the revisions for this script by the end of summer/early fall, I have another story that I’m dying to jump on.

My favorite part of filmmaking at this point in my career is concept development and writing. I think I am a decent enough director, but I have a lot to learn in that department.  My goal over the next year is to do just that – shadow some established directors and apply to take part in director workshops/labs.  This will also allow me to make some contacts outside of the realm I am currently in. I don’t want to take on my next production without stepping my game up.

This week I’ve found myself in the company of friends who know how to make things happen. I love hearing about other people’s projects and dreams… their energy fuels my own ambition. I also love seeing the vulnerable side of people who seem unshakeable. Even though these folks do amazing things, they aren’t immune to doubt and fear. This makes me feel better, because I often encounter those feelings. To search for a greater purpose is deeply ingrained in us as human beings. All of us struggle equally with identity, no matter how great our accomplishments. In a strange way, this brings me comfort. It also gives me permission to relax and just enjoy who I am right now.