I feel like I start off every blog post at the beginning of the week with “what a weekend”… but, what a weekend! It’s always a good sign when you dedicate Monday to zero social activity just to rebalance your life. There was so much food involved on Saturday between Yard 54 and PushStart that I could probably do a 72-hour fast and still feel pretty full.  Having the honor and privilege to eat such amazing meals isn’t lost on me, I appreciate and savor every moment I’m given.  Through these food initiatives I get to meet so many new and amazing people, each and every time. I am so grateful!

Sunday afternoon we went to Six Flags with some out of town friends and had a wonderful time. All the lines were super short, the weather was perfect (and overcast for the most part) and I dared to ride two new things that have always scared the pants off of me – the SkyScreamer (swings that go 24-stories up) and Acrophobia (20-story free fall). Both were such crazy sensations.  I literally thought I was going to die as we fell on Acrophobia, as tears streamed down my face. The SkyScreamer took my breath away and was the closest experience I’ve ever had to flying.  Here’s a little video Lauren took of us on the swings.

This weekend Jim continued his post production work on Bubble and we got to see another cut on Sunday with the first real images of the bubble itself.  He is so very talented… I almost can’t wait to see everything all together.  This week James is submitting his first round of custom lettering for the title and credits (yay!). This film has been such a learning experience, diving into new realms of technical and artistic requirements. I have loved every second and I know that I will use these new experiences in the future again.

Since this week closes out the month of June, my goal is to make some serious head-way on my script during my free time. Keep me in your thoughts and send the creative vibes over!! I want to be finished with my first draft by mid-July.  Time to knock some work out.  I also want to refocus on my health – what I’m putting into my body and getting into great shape again. I feel like I didn’t quite make my end goal at the beginning of the year, but I am close. My main concerns are to just enjoy the process, to love the food I am eating and to look forward to exercise by doing things that I love. It’s really as simple as that.

Sneak peek of a dog I drew for an Atlanta restaurant logo James is designing!

Sneak peek of a dog I drew for a project that James is designing.

We rode the high swings... ommmmg

High in the sky!

PushStart Dinner

PushStart Dinner

I spy a James...

I spy a James…

The Bean!

The Bean!

Dan & Lauren's visit to ATL

Dan & Lauren’s visit to ATL