So many things to write about today! First, it was a lovely weekend in Atlanta. We didn’t do anything too terribly exciting, just hung around the house and did some work to spruce it up a bit. It’s nice to get things in order… I’m a firm believer that if your energy is off at home, then it will send other things off course in your life. Right now I have two places I call home – Birmingham and Atlanta. I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds at the moment, which I have no complaints about. It’s actually kind of cool that they are only 2 hours apart from each other.  Sometimes I don’t even feel like James and I have a long distance relationship, maybe it’s because it is all we’ve ever known. I just feel really lucky to have him in my life, even if I don’t get to see him every day. I know one day that will get to change though, and it will be the beginning of a new chapter.

Speaking of James, he has already given me back notes on my feature script! I feel really good about his reactions to it as a whole, in fact, he didn’t have much criticism at all. I chose him to read it first for several reasons, the main one being that I knew he would give honest feedback. So to get such a positive review really made me happy. He did have several suggestions that would give it more meat, and I’m already knee-deep in incorporating those ideas. I plan to pass off the second draft to my friends Charles and Carrie Beth Buchanan tomorrow, and have a solid third draft by next week.

Yesterday I got to meet an accidental hero of mine – Erika Napoletano (Redhead Writing). My friends Jonathan and Shelby heard her speak at a New Orleans conference in January, and they came back raving about her. I already knew so much about Erika without even hearing a word from her mouth. It just so happened that yesterday I volunteered at Y’all Connect, here in Birmingham, and she happened to be one of the main speakers. Once I finished my early morning shift, I quickly went up two flights of stairs to listen to her first talk. I luckily caught the intro, where she explained a big motivating factor in her passion for life – the loss of her true love.  It made me cry to hear her talk about the beauty he brought into her life, only to leave it so fast. But don’t get me wrong… this chick isn’t about the sweet and sappy. She drops the f-bomb about every other word and preaches about the power of being unpopular.  You should really check her out, and if she’s ever speaking near you… make it a point to go and see her. She is hero status for me because she is not afraid of being 100% Erika, even if you don’t like it.

This week Bubble will have an official website! Thank you Dan & James for making that a reality. The film itself is almost done as well… so close we can touch it. We also have some fun ideas for the Four x Productions blog, which I’m excited to kick off later today. We are going to feature different people from our cast and crew on Bubble, because each of them is fascinating in their own way. They all shared very specific gifts to make this project a reality. Check back later today to see the first post!

Today’s post is already on the long side… but I didn’t want to end it without first throwing out a mention to my friend David Graves. This guy is super inspiring, especially if you love running like I do. Further Faster Forever named him athlete of the week, which you can read about here. You should also check out his blog, he is always sharing inspirational stories. A few years back he made some significant life changes that were against the odds. I am so proud of him for the person he has become today. Check him out!

When you least expect it...

When you least expect it…

The cafe at Freshfully is now open!

The cafe at Freshfully is now open!

Y'all Connect! Photo with Erika Napoletano (Redhead Writing) and my friends Javacia & Tanya.

Y’all Connect! Photo with Erika Napoletano (Redhead Writing) and my friends Javacia & Tanya.