WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! What a big week!!! This Saturday, Bubble will premiere at the Sidewalk Film Festival at 11 a.m. on the Carver Theater screen. If you plan to come, get there early so you have a seat! This block usually fills up. So many filmmaker friends will be arriving in town as early as Thursday for the whole weekend, just like a big family reunion. It’s one of the happiest times of the year. I hope to see you there.

I got some disappointing news on Friday regarding my feature screenplay. It knew it was a long shot – but I didn’t progress to the second round of the Sundance script competition. I spent a day or two thinking about what that really meant… and honestly, it doesn’t mean anything. The entry was based on five pages of the script, an artist statement, bios and cover letter. I really think they are looking for projects from higher profile writer/directors, which means I just need to keep on trying. So once I was done feeling down about the disappointment, I started to plan my next steps. Of course, I am going to continue refining the script. It is really getting to an exciting place that I feel energized about. After talking to James, I am going to wait a few more months before submitting it to any more writing competitions to get it to a more completed place. Also, there is the idea to make a short film out of a segment of the screenplay as a sample of what the longer piece would look and feel like. If that happens, it will more than likely be late winter/early spring of next year. That might be a smart thing to do… and I know just the part of the story I will use. Also, James has been working on his own short film project that we hope to execute in the near future as well. We will swap roles for this – he will direct and I will produce. Should be a lot of fun, and I’m excited to see what he ends up creating.

I find myself questioning what makes a good film director… is it the person with the most overall knowledge of technical and creative techniques? Or is it the person with the most passion and ambition to see a project to completion? Like any other profession, there are always variances in approach. But what kind am I? I feel like I have a lot to learn, but there is plenty of will there to keep moving forward. Would I be happy just writing? I wish I could be, but I think I love the whole process too much. I really, really need to start shadowing people on their own projects and reading more about things I am less familiar with. I want to take workshops on how best to work with actors. So much to learn, I feel. But isn’t that the the best part of something you truly love?

With Krista & Wendy - two great ATL friends. <3

With Krista & Wendy – two great ATL friends. ❤