Big things happening here…there, and everywhere. Very recently my 8-5 was changed into a work-from-home situation. For quite some time I’ve been dreaming of moving to Atlanta to be closer to James, as well as new adventures and opportunities. But I was in complete denial about not being in Birmingham the majority of the time – as this city has defined who I am on many levels for the last 8 years or so.  How do you say goodbye to a place that you love so much? Well, I’ve decided that I’m not. It’s complete fate that I can share my time between both places now… nothing short of a dream come true. Over the weekend I moved myself and Baby Kitty to our new house that we will share with James and Azza in Atlanta! The plan is to live in Birmingham for 3-4 days every other week in order to work, see my family and hang out with friends.  I will be just as active in the community and invested in its future. I would have it no other way.

As for Atlanta – I am very eager to become equally as ingrained in its creative culture. I want to take advantage meeting new folks and finding new inspirations. The film community here is diverse – you will find the die-hard indie filmmakers that I’ve come to know and love, while also being surrounded by the big dogs. Many Hollywood films are being shot here daily. Large-scale productions studios are being built. Just when I find myself trying to jump the line to the next level of filmmaking, I am put in a place where it could be a little easier to do just that. I see myself doing big things during my time here.

Going from an office to working from home is a big change. I remember the last time I made this transition, but it was vice versa in 2007. I went from working for myself for over five years to a big organization. It was a struggle to rediscover the social boundaries you need working in a communal space. But now I am going back to the independent life, and I find myself missing people.  But I have a feeling that I will get used to it soon. I am a productive solo worker. I love the quiet time and thrive when left to my own devices.

It will take a few weeks to figure out a pattern and feel completely adjusted. I am already thinking about my next trip to Birmingham. I am already missing the faces I used to see every day. But I am so very happy to have a relationship with James now where I get to see him all the time.  I am so excited to take advantage of my time here professionally and personally. This is the beginning of an important chapter in my life, I can feel it.