Happy fall!!! I am so glad this season is here. We celebrated the first day right with some Terrapin Pumpkinfest, football on the TV and all of the windows open. It is so cool living by an active trainyard and hearing all of the strange sounds it makes. They go on through the day and night – clanging, banging and beeping. You would think it would be a tremendous annoyance, but instead it is soothing. I love trains and industrial type factories, so this is the perfect environment for me. From our top porch you can peer down into the yard and see a wide variety of box cars in bright colors. Also on the wall that separates us from the yard is a long stretch of graffiti art, which is highly organized. Very unusual and unique.

We have great news! Bubble has been officially selected for the 2013 Cucalorus Film Festival, which will take place in Wilmington, NC from November 13 – 17. You can view all of our acceptances so far on the Bubble website. We are hoping to announce a piece of good news this week as well, and even more in the near future. If our fall/winter goes as planned, we will be traveling around as much as possible to screenings. It is a high priority to meet other filmmakers, see other independent films and learn as much as we can before taking on our next projects.

I’ve officially found a title for my feature script… which is still subject to change depending on what the future holds. It is simple & descriptive. You ready to hear it? 🙂 It will be called, “Bird”. I also have a title for the second script I am currently working on, but will hold that one tight until I get farther along. The first competition I will be submitting Bird to in it’s entirety will be the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition. I plan to turn it in by the regular deadline this weekend. I am excited to see how it does out there in the world all by itself. Here is the official short synopsis:

A young performer from a New York prostitution district in the early 1900’s gets uprooted from her life in Brooklyn and pushed toward Storyville, New Orleans in the height of the ragtime movement. She is faced with the challenge of following her dreams despite the obstacles that she must face in the process.

The other script I am working on is also a period piece, but will be easier to make with the means I have available. It is on a topic that I’ve also researched for years. Yesterday I made the first short outline for it and today I plan to dive even deeper. I feel very connected with it’s heroine. It is a story I feel completely comfortable taking the lead on as a director as well, because the subject matter is clear to me. I have a strong feeling that I will be able to write this one faster than Bird, so I think a goal by the end of the year is a likely possibility. The fact that it’s based on a true story is also very helpful.

When I find myself bored or without things to do, I am so lucky to have a pastime like writing to fill the void. When I write, I feel like I am exercising a muscle that is getting stronger and stronger by the day. In the past, I would have never even thought to say the word writer in reference to myself, but I can now officially claim that title I feel. I do have weaknesses though, especially in the ways of technical skills. But I think I’ve crossed over the line to where that isn’t really an issue anymore. Grammar can be fixed. The storytelling skill is what I value most and is the hardest to come by. How wonderful it is to get lost in your own head, with the only limitation being your imagination.

View from our top porch.

View from our top porch.

My favorite Birmingham landmark - Sloss Furnace - the night of the full moon.

My favorite Birmingham landmark – Sloss Furnace – the night of the full moon.

Celebrating fall with a pumpkin beer and all the windows open.

Celebrating fall with a pumpkin beer and all the windows open.

Mini replica of the old Terminal Magic City Sign at the Birmingham's Best Party

Mini replica of the old Terminal Magic City Sign at the Birmingham’s Best Party

My mom's birthday party in Columbus, GA!

My mom’s birthday party in Columbus, GA!