It’s birthday month!!! We are officially t-minus 4 days until I turn 36. There is even the small possibility of snow in Atlanta!

I set a goal for myself about a week ago that I would finish a presentable version of my feature script Electric Bleau by my birthday, and while it’s gonna be tight, I think I will make it. On that day, I want to pass off a printed version to James…the first person ever to set eyes on the full story. There will still be work to do after that point with revisions and rewrites, but in my mind that’s entering a whole new phase of the process. My second big goal is to read James’ notes and make the appropriate updates by the end of February/early March. At that time I want to pass it off to 2-3 other people for additional notes. The ultimate foreseeable goal is to have an accurate picture in March of when we might be able to film it. I am hopeful about the timeline at this point.

Starting this Monday we will have some exciting news regarding Little Cabbage! We will have two festivals to announce next week, then another at the beginning of March. This week we completed the official LC website, many thanks to James. We are so excited to start enjoying the festival circuit and savoring the satisfaction of audiences watching our film.

James and I are still on the calorie counting boat, doing really well. Some days are harder than others, but overall time is going by pretty quick. I may have said this before, but I never did an official weigh-in to start off with…only measurements. James is going to do his first weigh-in this Saturday (tomorrow) and I think I will wait until March. We are officially having the occasional adult beverage. We have also started incorporating moderate exercise. Results are starting to show! James and I have started a new funny habit of watching Survivor in our down time. They too have limited consumption habits, and it’s comforting (in this situation) to watch people worse off than you are. 😉 We like to pretend we are living on an island campaigning for a million dollars.

A few quick things before I go! If you love cocktails and you don’t follow The Sipologist (James’ blog), you should! He just started an Instagram account this week as well. Speaking of tasty beverages…if you live in Birmingham and love craft beer, then you should definitely check out Eat / Drink Birmingham. Not only can you enjoy all kinds of craft beer from Alabama brewers and local bites (to your heart’s content), you will be the first to enjoy the brand new St. Stephen’s Stout. It’s a collaborative craft brew by ALL of the statewide members of the Alabama’s Brewers Guild. This group is the force behind the craft beer movement in Alabama and 100% of the profits benefit your ability to enjoy local brewer’s products. Not to mention that this event is being put on by Amber Schreckbach, a dear family member of mine & mother of The Bean.

See you guys on the flip side of 36!


Roasting our feet by the fire.


Happy birthday to my niece Anna Banana! Photo by Christy Schreck.


Inside a tree selfie.


Photoshoot outing in North Georgia. Photo by James.


Photoshoot outing in North Georgia


Vintage cocktail guide from my grandmother to James (belonged to my great grandparents).