Life is happening hard and fast these days. I’ve realized that our timeline for Electric Bleau is quite ambitious (surprised?), but I think we will get there. As Stacey Davis, our entertainment lawyer, said, “You can do this, but you don’t get off days. Not even holidays. Every day there will be work to do.” She was speaking to the fact that we’ve gotta put our serious pants on and start as many conversations as we can to locate funding. We’ve got all the resources we need to make it happen. Since so much of my life right now is this film, you can read more about Electric Bleau on a weekly update through Seed&Spark, which they are pushing out to their entire audience! This is very gracious of them. I will work hard to make those posts as insightful and fun as I can. I’m excited to expand our audience!

There’s been a lot of traveling lately. We went to Cucalorus in mid November, which was a grand time. James organized the first-ever Cuctales event which was a big success. It’s a division of the film festival where attendees can explore and try a variety of cocktails. We also had a secret screening of a short doc you might have heard us talk about this year. 🙂 It was thrilling to show it in front of an audience for the first time.

We also just got back from New Orleans, where we had a private screening of The New Orleans Sazerac for everyone who helped us make it in town. It was super fancy! Thanks to Ann Tuennerman of Tales of the Cocktail for organizing the event at Arnaud’s French 75. A very special weekend for us. We hope to do our Atlanta and Birmingham private screenings in January.

This Thursday evening through the following Monday we will be heading to LA to start pitching Electric Bleau. I haven’t been to LA in soooooooo long, and it will be James’ first time! Dear friends of ours are also shooting a feature film during that time, so it will be fun to visit them on set (go Jason & Annette!). We have so many people we want to see. First and foremost though is nailing down some meetings. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I’ve started doing some writing and social programming for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Access Atlanta (a division of the AJC), which is really exciting. It’s a freelance ongoing position that requires 4 – 6 hours a day at the moment, and I can do it from anywhere. The flexibility is a dream come true. Thanks to those of you who helped me get this opportunity (you know who you are!).

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent it a week early with my family at Callaway Gardens. We ate well and loved on each other… just what I needed. I wish we had gotten a family photo! Luckily the gang will be together again for New Years, so there will definitely be the annual beach pic. James’ parents came down from Cincinnati for the actual holiday. We made a big bird, sat by a big bonfire in the backyard and played disc golf.

Last bit of news – one of my dearest and best friends just moved to Atlanta! Rebecca Pugh will stay with us for the month of December as she looks for a place of her own (hopefully nearby). She starts work at The Weather Channel tomorrow. It’s so great to have her in the same city.

As most of you know from my last post, we are still very sad about the passing of our sweet Azza. In her honor I am writing a short story in the AJC on services that help with the passing of a beloved pet. I will be sure to share once it’s up.