Last time I wrote we were about one week out from wrapping our Electric Bleau crowdfunding campaign, which was a success! As usual, the day after it ended I came down with a nasty cold. It’s as if my body fought so hard to make it through those 30 days, sometimes with very little sleep, then completely collapsed upon completion. Even though I was under the weather, I was still on cloud nine. THANKS to everyone who got us across the finish line! We reached 101%. Special props to James for being my teammate in all things.

This is only the beginning. Now the big work starts… if that’s even possible to imagine. A pretty significant script revision (that I’m really excited about) is taking a lot of energy and focus. Every time I make a risky story decision I have to remind myself that it’s just a test. It can always be changed back if it doesn’t work. I find more often than not though that taking the instinctual risk usually pays off. Since I have taken a short break from writing, it’s been a bit of a balance trying to squeeze it back into my already packed schedule. Other areas are still demanding a lot of attention: growing our team, seeking full funding, inviting potential talent to attach, planning, and endless details details details. Things shift every single day and you have to stay on top of it. My hope is that in the near future that 80 – 90% of my focus can fully stay on creative elements. We are getting there.

To break away from Electric Bleau for a moment, The New Orleans Sazerac has seen some great success of late. We just celebrated the world premiere at the Oxford Film Festival where they did two special events surrounding the film. One was the inclusion of Sazerac into a Southern Foodways Alliance event where people could eat and drink samples of what they were watching on the big screen. That was so very special. Second was a Sazerac speakeasy in the basement of a mansion party where folks had to use the codeword Faulkner to access. On top of all that, we have a bunch of filmmaker friends present who were screening their own films. It was a fantastic five days.

Next up for The New Orleans Sazerac is the Atlanta Film Festival and the Chattanooga Film Festival. There will be accompanying Sazerac events for both of these fests as well, so more good times are ahead.

NON FILM NEWS: We’ve had a little something up our sleeves for the past few months! James and I came into possession of a short bus (for real) and are currently converting it into an RV. We are doing it all by hand. The bus is in great shape and our plans for it are so very exciting. Not sure if The Ferris Eldon will be ready by Bonnaroo 2016, but we are going to try our best. You can see what we’re up to and follow our progress here. Turns out there is a whole subculture of folks who convert skoolies.  When all is said and done we’ll have about 123 square feet of space behind the driver’s seat to build our tiny house on wheels. Also it’s worth mentioning that James is the champion behind this effort. 🙂 I’m just lending my brain and body as needed. It’s nice to have such a rewarding offline project.