Things are moving. Life is happening. Dreams that I’ve been working most of my adult life towards are starting to become realized. The birth of my first feature film. Success of shorts that I had a big hand in making. A home that I love. I know that I am lucky. I also know that I’ve worked really, really hard to start seeing things come to full bloom.

Yesterday we were able to announce the acceptance of The New Orleans Sazerac into the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the American Pavilion, as part of the Cannes Film Festival. It is described as a “festival within the festival.” Another film I produced, Bottomless, was also accepted into the same program. They are only screening ten films this year in this category. The odds of this happening, twice in the same year, are very slim. Congrats to James and Vero!

The first question we’ve been getting, after a congrats, is – won’t this be a super expensive trip? Yes, it indeed will be. Luckily, the second that we found out about TNOS acceptance, we approached Airbnb about a potential collaboration and it just so happened to align with their new “Live there.” campaign. In exchange for regular social media posts on our end documenting our experience and trip, they are covering our flights and providing some housing credits. This will be so very helpful. It doesn’t cover all of our expenses, but it’s a great start. We also have some other ideas for sponsorship that align with the screenings that we have out in the universe, and if that comes through then most of our trip should be taken care of. Vero is working on her own efforts to get overseas with Bottomless. If you feel so inspired, you can help her voyage to Cannes here.

With this acceptance all of us receive official Cannes Film Festival credentials. We don’t know yet what color, but we will have them nonetheless. While we are there James and I plan to pitch a series expansion based on The New Orleans Sazerac, and I of course will be talking the hell out of Electric Bleau. Hopefully our funding will be in place by then, but if not, there is no better time or place to make big things happen.

Speaking of Electric Bleau, we recorded five original songs at Magnetic Audio in Birmingham and filmed a promo music video last month with AJ Haynes of the Seratones. MAGIC. These songs alone warrant a major success on the making of this film, which was made possible by funds from our development campaign. We haven’t decided yet how to release the piece that we filmed… but some big creative ideas are simmering. More than likely it will be released in late April or early May as part of a campaign we are putting together.

Last but not least, The New Orleans Sazerac won big at the Atlanta Film Festival, taking home the WonderRoot Audience Choice Award and Best Crowdfunded Film Award (along with Eat White Dirt) presented by Seed&Spark.

Eldon the Bus is on his way as well. We are bartering with some local suppliers and artists to build out various parts. James got all of the electric done (a big deal!) last month, so all that remains is building the top deck and woodwork on the interior. Then of course painting, decorating and registering it as an RV. Then we will be hitting the road!!

That’s it for now. I’ll definitely write again before we head to Cannes next month to give all the information necessary to follow us along on the trip.


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