In the last 30 days, I’ve attended two major events that were widely seen as potential terrorist targets – the Cannes Film Festival and Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Did the thought cross my mind that we were putting ourselves in harm’s way by attending? Sure. Acts of violence have been in the back of my mind no matter how far I try to push them out.

Then Orlando happened. James and I heard the news while at Bonnaroo, and we sat and watched the coverage on one of the only TVs in the nearby area. We were devastated, just like so many others. Our hearts hurt for our LGBTQ friends who were already living in fear.

Everyone’s Facebook feed has been full of confusion, anger, and infighting. I wish we had an easy answer as to prevent this in the future. I’m hopeful for realistic and rational solutions to come soon. One thing did strike me more than others as I repeatedly saw it popping up in comments and posts – that we live in a godless society, which is the root of our problems. That we as a society are failing because we don’t agree on a Christian belief system. That if someone has a religion or faith that you don’t approve of, then they must be a flawed, terrible person. I love my kind friends who believe in organized religion, and I love my beautiful friends who don’t believe in a higher power or structured system, too. Their capacity to love and show compassion are equal. My friends who are atheist, agnostic, or otherwise have proven to be a peaceful people. If you have a problem with this “godless” society, then you have a problem with me. I respect your beliefs as long as they don’t infringe upon my rights to believe what I choose in my heart, and as long as you are kind. You will never change my mind, and I know I will never change yours. If we can both be cool with that and not point fingers, then I’m happy to live in a society of acceptance and tolerance. If you aren’t able to emotionally handle this, then I’m also content to part ways. But know that every time you blame a person who doesn’t “believe in God” as being a part of the larger problem, then YOU are the problem.

I am so happy to be back home. We got in yesterday evening to an air conditioned house and animals that were happy to greet us. Bonnaroo was wonderful, with exception of news out of Orlando of course. No words can ever describe what the Bonnaroo experience is truly like unless you attend yourself. It’s not for everyone… in fact, it’s probably not attractive to most. What I love about it is the ability to escape the real world for a chunk of time, and enjoy an existence that can only be created under such rare circumstances. Everyone is full of peace, love and joy. Happiness abounds. So does the heat. I also enjoy the survival aspect to it all. Making it through a 99 degree day with a smile on your face is an art. We’ve mastered it somewhat. Sometimes while I am there I question my sanity, but all I know is that the second we drive out of the farm I immediately miss it. My soul needs the spirit of Bonnaroo.

Today I’m hitting the ground running on all the priorities in our world. Electric Bleau’s path is becoming clearer. Other smaller projects are boiling to the surface. Opportunities are knocking. Game face on.

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