I can honestly say that I was never familiar with the phrase “good in a room” until we started developing Electric Bleau. But since that time, it’s a concept that’s taken over my brain. “Good in a room” means a lot of things – your ability to pitch well, managing perception, down to being invited into the room in the first place. The room can be anywhere a critical conversation is taking place about your project – a restaurant, an office, a boardroom, or even an unexpected scenario like sitting next to a stranger on a plane. If you find yourself pitching your project to an individual who can make things happen, then you’ve found yourself in the room.

I’ve heard that Kevin Spacey started off his film career being good in a room. His friends would take him to big meetings and he would help sell the concept. This led to him finding great opportunities as an actor, of course, which is how most of us know him today. I think that’s really interesting.

Am I good in a room? I’m no Kevin Spacey, but I think I’m decent. I’m definitely getting better with practice. After having lunch with a good friend in the industry earlier this week, he said something that stuck with me – every good filmmaker knows first and foremost that it’s all a business. Is that disheartening for all of the creatives out there? I don’t think so. And he is right. If you don’t understand the business side – why people make certain decisions, why it’s important to take steps in a certain order (in a multitude of areas), why being told “no” is just a part of the process, then you probably aren’t cut out to make it. It’s not easy out there, that’s for sure. That’s also why success is so sweet when it strikes.

Things are moving along with Electric Bleau. Not to disclose too much (I have a S&S blog update coming out soon with more details) but some avenues are opening up. Most of the things on legal side are still a learning curve for me, but luckily we have wonder-woman Stacey Davis on our side. I’m so grateful for her. I will share that S&S link once it’s live.

This weekend I’m going to spend a lot of time writing – Electric Bleau updates and on another feature that we are lining up. After watching Stranger Things, which filled me and so many others with all kinds of excitement, I can say that I’m officially tempted by the idea of creating a series. I might play around with that soon too. Stranger Things was also a huge validation on the public’s interest in content inspired by the 80’s. Electric Bleau is also set in that same era, and in line with some creative thoughts that we’ve developed. It’s also pretty cool that the series was shot in Atlanta. Goes to show that you don’t need to be in LA to create successful content.

Last but not least – we shot a music video for the Seratones! It’s in post right now with the fantastic team at Moonshine. Stay tuned for that to be completed in the next month or so.