I know sometimes my blog paints a picture of rainbows, sunshine, and eternal optimism. Some people probably wonder how can things be that good, all of the time? Well, if you look deep enough into my blog, you will certainly see times where things weren’t as shiny. In fact, it was downright dark and grim. Even now, there are struggles and obstacles. But if I’m being completely honest, things are really, really wonderful too. I also believe that what you put out into the universe comes back in some way, and the energy you create is literally the only fuel moving you forward. That includes what you put out in social media.

On another, completely random note… WTAF is going on with the astrological signs shifting? I’m gonna need Susan Miller to chime in on this one (and if she has already I’d love the link). I adore astrology, I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m still an aquarius by definition of the new dates, but it literally shifted the charts by almost a month. Geez Louise.

I’m now finished with that feature film that I was learning on with my friend Molly, and I find myself with an open calendar again. I’ve been making a list of goals and timelines therein, which makes me all giddy inside. I’m back to graphic design and writing freelance again as my source of income. I’m also balls deep into Electric Bleau stuffs, which has never ceased to be the case. In the beginning we were told it would take time and tremendous energy to see full funding happen, and boy they weren’t kidding. However, with some major elbow grease and persistence, things are happening. Wheels are turning. She is coming to life. And I’m never going to give up. I also believe that once we have this first feature film under our belts, funding for future projects will be somewhat easier… as long as we prove ourselves to be capable. Which I have zero doubts about.

For those who helped make Little Cabbage possible a few years back, you can now watch it online! This is exciting for us, as it’s had a great festival run (including winning an award at one of our fav fests). If you could watch it, and give it a little heart on Vimeo, I’d be forever grateful. We also sent out a big Four x update via email yesterday, which you can view in your browser here.

Next week we are heading to the Bend Film Festival and then the following weekend to the New Orleans Film Festival, all for The New Orleans Sazerac. We basically had to pay for the flights to and from, then everything else is mostly covered (housing provided by both fests, and usually you can find free food easily). I’m lucky that I can do my job from the road, and James’ work is pretty flexible as well. So our Instagrams are about to basically blow up your feeds starting on 10/6.

A few things before I go:
-You can always read my Electric Bleau updates on the S&S blog. They go up about once a month.
-Have you liked the Electric Bleau FB page? If not, that would be a very helpful thing for us. I try to keep content fresh and flowing.
-Keep following Eldon the Bus’s progress! We are taking him on his first camping trip this weekend. He isn’t done yet, but close enough. Plus, the weather is going to be glorious.

Last note: Just know that when October 1 hits and all of the Roku/Netflix/Amazon Prime branding and programming goes into Halloween mode, that I will be dancing in my living room in pure joy.


Daggers, the first original song for Electric Bleau, is kicking ass and taking names.


Shadowing director Molly Coffee on the upcoming season of Fear Haus.



Happy Birthday JamieJean916!