I LIED!!! Of course there will be one more post before the end of the year… because I live for TJWQ flashbacks and quests.

This post will be extra posi b/c we have a new Run the Jewels record blasting on 10 and I’m in my fuzzy leopard house robe. Cherry on top: I’m officially on the upswing from a super nasty cold.

2016 Flashbacks
1. I was the first-ever person to produce two short projects accepted in the same year at the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.
2. We purchased a school bus named Eldon to convert into an RV.
3. We lost Baby Kitty, a treasured family member for nine years. We rescued Furenze, a frisky and wild-at-heart fur ball.
4. We raised $28,500 for Electric Bleau development funds, which paid for (among other critical items) five original song recordings written by AJ Haynes of the Seratones. Read more and listen here.
5. We served thousands of Sazeracs. No exaggeration. From the Oxford Film Festival (our debut!), Atlanta Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Flyway Film Festival, Bend Film Festival, and last but certainly not least, the Cucalorus Film Festival, many unique experiences were created around our short doc The New Orleans Sazerac.
6. We did our thing. We traveled and explored beyond expectations. Bonnaroo 2016 was another classic year, and possibly our last without Eldon. It’s almost tear-worthy to imagine air conditioning at our favorite music festival. We traveled Oregon from top to bottom, and fell in love. We pranced around France and Amsterdam with help from some great sponsors and dear friends. We also bounced around the Southeast like it was a hot potato.
7. My second nephew was born to my sister Rachel – Gabriel. He is a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

2017 Quests
1. THE 217 QUEST. I am not going to fully define what this quest is publicly, as it’s highly personal and an internal passage. However, I will be posting a photo a day on my Instagram of things that make me happy throughout the year. 2017 is very special to me.
2. I want to make Electric Bleau. After the latest pass of the script, I know it’s time. Everything is in place, we just need the funding. Bring it!
3. I want to partake in an esteemed lab to further my creative development.
4. I want to finish another feature-length script and package it.
5. I want to shadow a great director or two on their own projects.
6. I want to create The City Cocktail with James.
7. I want to explore the US in Eldon with James & Cilantro.
8. I want to be healthy, happy and strong.
9. I want to accomplish a physical goal of my choosing. Pick it, train for it, and focus on it. I think a sprint triathlon would be wonderful.
10. Write in a daily, private journal.

That’s it!

2016 was the fifth anniversary of The Jen West Quest. This is my 973rd post, and overall I’ve had 402,187 views and almost 38,000 visitors. That’s a lot of blogging, and a lot of people paying attention. I will hit 1,000 posts in 2017. I should plan something special for the occasion!

I’ve gone back through past end-of-year posts to see that some of my quests/hopes never were never realized. I also see that most of my best flashbacks/highlights could have never been predicted. Things rarely go according to plan, which is the most exciting thing of all.