It’s really hard not to turn this entry into a political post, as that’s what’s weighing the most on my mind this week. We are in scary times, y’all. If what’s happened in the last few days isn’t a sign of what is to come, and it doesn’t terrify you to your core, then I don’t know what will. Gag orders on environmental agencies, climate change information taken down from the government website, the LGBT page stripped as well, press intimidation, lies being presented as alternative truths, women’s rights already compromised, false illegal voting allegations, impending healthcare disaster, religious superiority, race superiority, unqualified cabinet nominees, world isolation… let me know if you need any more reasons to be worried. This spells OPPRESSION. Welcome to the Trump administration.

If you are interested in being a proactive voice of change, here are 99 ways to fight Trump.

Despite all of that, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom since I last wrote. Starting on January 15th, I planned 7 days of epic surprises for James’ 30th birthday week. First on the list was a trip to Banff, Canada. It was surprisingly affordable and stunning in every way. I got the idea from my sister Christy, who was going for my brother-in-law’s birthday the same week. We were able to spend some time with them while we were there, which made it extra special. It was a magical winter wonderland! I hear it’s also a beautiful place to visit in the summer. I highly recommend if you’re the outdoors type.

Next up was a surprise birthday party – which I thought for sure he’d figure out. I told him that I was making a special dinner that night, and to come home at 7 (instead of his usual 6:30) from work. When he came in, I was holding a cake and starting singing Happy Birthday, and then people started coming out of closets, bathrooms, and from outside to join in. He was truly surprised! Last but not least, his mom and dad popped in for his actual birthday day. He had no idea that they would be here. They made a delicious fish fry and lots of poker was played. Happy 30th birthday James!

So how is 2017 going so far? Aside from politics, surprisingly well. I have a lot of hope for what’s to come. Big things are coming our way professionally, and I think Eldon the bus is going to take us on many an adventure. I’m ready to work hard and fully expect to put that energy into worthwhile projects. I’m ready for what the universe is going to bring.