I’ve got a lot of great people in my life. I’m so damn lucky in that regard. Life has felt a little heavy lately, as it can for everyone from time to time, and I need not look far for a hug or positive words from someone I care about.

I think I’ve been in a cloud because I’ve been completely emerged in writing a new feature script. I’ve had to reach deep on this one to some dark places. It’s also been a lot of fun. This script combines my experiences as a child living on Arabian horse farms (where my mom & dad worked) with a completely fictional narrative. However, there are personal details woven in that’s forced me to explore a more complex side of life. I’m really proud of my first draft. It’s called A Kind of Creature.

There are some potentially exciting things on the horizon for Electric Bleau. We will see how the next few weeks unfold, but a new light might be emerging. My biggest obstacle with finding funding for this film has been the fact that I haven’t directed a feature yet. So while things come together for EB, I’m considering finding a way to make my newest script first. I’m not sure yet what our budget will be (definitely micro-budget range), or how all the pieces will come together, but I think it’s a smart consideration. I think generating activity only leads to more activity. And having experience never hurt anyone. I plan to pursue aggressively.

I’m looking forward to stepping away from my computer this weekend to help finalize Eldon for his first public appearance next weekend at the Georgia Tiny House Festival.  I’ll have paintbrush in hand, finishing up the fine woodwork James has been crafting. It’s a real RV now! You can follow our progress on Facebook or Instagram. We are about to have some epic adventures behind the wheel.

My dream for 2017 is to work hard and adventure harder. I have high expectations for myself in film this year, and I’m going to do everything I can to make forward movement. On the adventure side, I have visions of Eldon in the Northwest. I’d love nothing more than to park him beside a tall snowcapped mountain range, with no one else in sight. Off the radar button, engage!

Last but not least, I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone who sent me well-wishes. I enjoyed seeing all of them. It’s nice to feel loved.


Galentine’s Day


Evening with my girls.


Producing on my friend Robyn’s short, Nobody’s Darling.


Eldon stretching his legs.


James in Savannah ❤


Our AirBnb room in Savannah.


Birthday celebrations!


Crab legs were a special birthday request. Thanks Wendy!


Special birthday card from Vero.


Lucy, Owen and Abi throw bread for the geese.


Rachel and Gabriel.


Nighttime walk with James & Cilantro in our neighborhood.


High tea!


Can I please have this chair?


James took me on a quick surprise trip to Savannah!